An elegant life

I recently chimed into a forum discussing the subject of quantum physics, and the implications thereof.

Out of which came some ways of explaining my views in a more 'elegant' manner.

Following are my edited excerpts of my final few posts to this forum:


Years ago, when in a self-development course, the teacher said "you're 100% responsible for your reality" ... me, in response "nah, that can't be true" (in class), He, "it's 100%". Me, "Nah, it can't be because ... yadda yadda". Class now cranky with me, an upstart who won't sit quietly and obediently listen.

Long story short. It is a literal 100%. I've done a lot of work over the years to nail the mechanics of how that can occur.

But here's the thing. If not 100%, then what figure is it? 100% has a certain 'purity' to it that I found compelling.

Science can't get near that 100%, blaming chance, or randomness or god knows what else. That's inelegant.

100% is elegant.

This is where scientists AND theologians AND new-age crystal-stroking spiritualists would better accept the elegance of that 100% figure.

That equates to the observer being pivotal to the reality that is 'collapsed'.

Blaming 'out there' — chance (science), God (religion) or wrong birth date (new-age) is not elegant. It's messy. So what's the figure then? 67.345% on a good day, 42.9877% on a bad day? Notice that the different conjectured percentages will rotate around the observer's capabilities and application.

Anyway, 100%. That involves an enhanced Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) to accommodate that figure.

My work is about calling people to live with more elegance by accepting they create their circumstances, 100%, without exception.

I've developed the framework with which to make sense of that view.

There are unimaginable benefits to accepting 100%, chief of which is finding health in the midst of serious illness, having confidence to start a business in an industry without prior experience, and a plethora of other opportunities and solutions not accommodated by, or powered by anything less than that 100%. Simple reason: there is always a solution, when accepting 100%. The real challenge is to remain fluid enough to "let go" old habits and beliefs that are preventing our moving forward. And it's that letting go that I've found immensely challenging. When NOT "letting go" — which is not the same as "going with the (feckless) flow", a slight but important difference — we can (as I have found) cause ourselves illness, stress, anxiety, poor eyesight and so on.

and finally

There is an idea that might help better explain or understand what I've posted in this topic thread.

The "elegance" of the 100% figure I provided earlier, is that it effectively marries both conscious thought/volition (as can be objectively and scientifically measured/observed by way of brain-wave readouts, etc), together with unconscious cooperative processes that are ALWAYS embedded in, and supportive of any event, action, measurement or observation.

Those unconscious (nonlocal) cooperative processes (that are responsible for the 'collapse of the wave-function') reach deeply into the infinite (possibilities) and cannot now (or ever) be followed, measured, observed or quantified.

Instead of an earthly "six degrees of separation", here we are talking infinite degrees of inclusion (see Fig. 4).

Those unconscious (nonlocal) processes work via intent and cooperative "coherence". There is no science that can ever model, replicate or measure those processes. If any scientist believes otherwise, he/she has not understood the implications and restrictions revealed by Gödel, Heisenberg and others. Nor have they understood the basic process of life — of conscious thought and intent carried by unconscious 'mechanisms' that then deliver the intended memory, idea, action or result.

The elegance of the 100% is that it is ALL inclusive with no exceptions (noting here we can confirm 'no exceptions' by definition, as exceptions are borne of exclusion, which is incompatible with the aforementioned infinite-degrees of inclusivity).

The measurement problem will never be resolved because we will never measure, or objectify that which will remain beyond measure, logic and reason.

The elegance of the 100% is that it accommodates and affirms all phenomena, in whichever dimension, state or illusion we find ourselves.

The 100% figure also affirms the irreducible uniqueness of our individuality, coupled with an unending 'interconnectedness" that underlies and supports all phenomena.

The 100% figure is 'elegant' because it honours, affirms, embraces and marries one within all.

Long story short: Living an elegant life involves accepting 100% responsibility for our world. Anything less is inelegant. Anything less involves some form of blaming 'out there', be it chance, god, fate, other people, the past, 'them', 'conspiracies', or some illusive higher-self.

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