Creatively out there

I put some creativity into explaining a few things on a forum (not my usual bent), and recognised some useful ideas that I thought should also be shared, and reproduced here (with some additions and amendments):

In my experience when giving business presentations or business courses on the practical uses of quantum mechanics, I've nearly always found a distinct and highly noticeable divide in the audience.

As a general rule women "get it" — they will look at me with that "yeah yeah, tell us something we don't already know" look when I speak on the efficacy and benefits of intuition, precognition and communication.

The men in the audience look at me as if I have two heads. They get distinctly uneasy. Because, getting into intuition is about feelings and letting go the ego. For guys this is far more easily said than done. It's not for naught that the suicide rate among men is around 4 times that of women, or around 9 times that of women after relationship break-ups. The overall quality of life for men is lower, when using longevity as a metric to judge quality of life.

This topic as discussed in this group was left-brained stuff. It undoubtedly will cause some disquiet for men reading it because I've undermined their "logical nest" with logic and straight forward reasoning (why do you think the responses amongst scientists to quantum theory, Gödel and Turing was of surprise and shock? "if you are not shocked by quantum theory, you have not understood it" (Bohr))

The territory of logic, reasoning and the physical just won't cut it. It's a little island drifting atop an infinite, fluid sea of possibility, energy and potential.

To utilise some of that potential requires diving into it. And you can't dive into it with logic and ego while holding onto facts or past experience. That's dry land stuff. Why do you think conservative tradition-bound politicians are "dries".

Intuition, creativity, precognition is all 'wet stuff' - it's emotions, feelings, artistry and spontaneity. And it's spontaneity in particular that scares the bejesus out of most guys. Ever noticed how most guys, particularly older-generation guys dance? Stiff as. Locked in their rigid worlds of logic, structure and routine.

So, this thread won't have served any immediate purpose for most men who read it, other than perhaps to make their logical nest a little less comfortable, perhaps sufficiently to explore:

  • feelings
  • meditation
  • spontaneity
  • faith
  • gut-feelings
  • love
  • ease
  • peace

And you can't really do any of the above by responding on forums. It's about real world experiences, real-world flow, personal communications, gut-feelings and action.

As a past vocal and ardent atheist, my path involved a lot of denial "if you can't touch, smell, see or hear it, it's bullshit" -- and I was very vocal with that belief (I was notoriously "bee in the brain" cranky with all those woo-woo religious and spiritual types). I still retain some of that crankiness. I have found it quite helpful when cutting through dogma in various fields of belief ... but I digress.

I have enjoyed success in corporate sales, running an engineering business, and wonderful loving relationships, and perhaps it is because of those successes I have found it difficult to "let go" and follow my bliss; of thinking, 'drifting', exploring my intuitions, and writing about new concepts and beliefs.

When I have failed to follow that intuitive urge to ' let go' the usual 'trappings' and comforts of urban life, I have paid a very high price in terms of my health and well-being.

So to any of you who are unwell, or feel a certain disquiet, or perhaps feel that life is somehow not meaningful for you, I suggest that you follow your intuition and gut-feelings, and ' follow your bliss'?.

As I am still learning to do.

btw, if I can say one thing that's really important, it's to remind you (and myself) that in following your bliss it won't all be smooth sailing. And that's okay, it's all good.

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