Creativity: the easiest thing in the world

As I've explained to many, creativity is my focus and passion.

Creativity, as explained elsewhere on this and the Belief Institute website, is central to health, wellbeing, business success ... it's central to the very act of living.

But many people misunderstand the art and science of creativity, thinking that it is something magical, or difficult.

Creativity is simply letting go, and falling into an unknown, uncontrolled space  - and we do that every time we fall asleep, or fall in love.

And that is the central art to creativity: of falling, letting go what we know, letting go the past, the routines, the known.

For me, I'm falling into a whole new space, one that I haven't got a clue how it will turn out. I may fall flat on my face, be a laughing stock, a fool, a failure.

But, like falling in love, I feel an irresistible urge to go 'business-nannying', and 'belief-doctoring' throughout various communities.

ps. rereading the above, I realised that I've left out a heap of stuff ... that creativity is also deeply deeply reliant on 'faith' (faith that we will be caught, protected, safe and that we'll find what we're after), desire, expectation, etc.

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