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"All in all, a wonderful piece of work, which I earnestly hope will reach a vast multitude of readers because, in all sincerity, they sure as hell need it."

Frank Juszczyk, PhD
Professor Emeritus of English, Western New Mexico University

Gender Dynamics

While researching for my new (soon to be online) course "Gender Dynamics", I collated data from various sources and noticed that the basic fermion-boson pairing (as explained here) is more informative of gender behaviours, than my original wave-particle pairing.

That said, the wave-particle pairing ("complementarity") does generally indicate gender biases (e.g. "it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind", amid the boundless possibilities inherent in the wave nature. Men not so much -- they're expected to be more dependable, precise, detailed (particle-natured)).

Long story short: by looking at the 4 space-time quadrants (future-wave, past-particle, boson-togetherness and fermion-separateness), a great deal falls into place, regarding the dynamics of gender. In fact, by combining the spatial pairing of boson-fermion, with time pairing of wave-particle, "everything" falls into place, when seeking to understand the data (e.g. that gay and straight males are both visile, while lesbian and straight females are verbal/haptic. All fits. Course details will be posted here when available.

Some of the above is explained in "Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment" - available as an ebook on Google (link is external)