If you are not shocked ...

Some years ago I read that Nobel Laurette and physicist Niels Bohr reportedly remarked that "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it".

In more recent times Prof. David Albert of Columbia University similarly explained that

There's something really indescribably strange about the picture that we're presented with of ourselves by -- especially by fundamental physics. And it's a picture that we just don't know how to fully take in. And I think it's very, very, very disturbing.

So what's so disturbing about quantum theory.

Well, having journeyed into some of the implications of quantum physics, I can well appreciate that shock. At the root level of physical reality there's nothing fixed or solid. It's all in a state of potential until we 'choose' to solidify it.

What does that choice rely on, or ride? No-thing. There's no physically to rest on. Below that choice is a bottomless abyss -- what we might call the infinite. And therein is the shock, to realise that handy hand-holds like the planets, or the bible or basically anything and everything else physical is disappearing many trillions of times each second, only being refreshed into sensible order in the form of planets and bibles due to our individual and unconscious-collective choices to make them appear thus.

So says quantum theory.

Shocking, isn't it.

"No, just rubbish" will be how most reply. Well, that may be so, but it won't be based on any deep, cogent analysis of the facts. Quantum theory has proved to be, by a long shot, the most successful physical theory in history. It behoves truth seekers to make peace with quantum theory, to expand their world views, let go old-world (mechanical) ideas and embrace possibility.

In fact if you turn Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle around and look at it with a positive view, it becomes The Possibility Principle. Within the tiniest of particles lies untold richness of possibility and potential. Within each of us, the same -- untold dimensions and levels of potentials and possibilities.

Anything less wouldn't just be shocking, it would be the worst of hells.

We are free to be and become.