Immunising ourselves against fear

This evening I watched a program on television which basically was about how those who oppose immunisation (vaccinations) are rabid evil folk or some such.

The issue of immunisation (vaccination), and of children in particular, is a highly emotive one, judging by the commentary.

The arguments are the usual ones ... since vaccinations began we've seen off all sorts of horrible diseases like Polio and Whooping Cough, the list goes on.

There's only one problem with the apparent linking of vaccinations with the lowering of rates of disease. It's not based on good science.

Good science is that conducted over many years to establish linking of (purported) cause with the effect (disease). And that science has, in part, been done by Sir Professor Michael Marmot and others, who've found that the major cause of disease is not bugs or viruses in the environment.

Nope. It's psycho-social (more detail of which is given on the Belief Institute website).

As Prof. Len Syme of the University of California explained,

“psycho-social factors are related to the vulnerability and defences that people have to disease, not to what disease you get. So that these factors affect the body's defence systems and make you vulnerable to smoking and cholesterol and viruses and so on.” 1

The science is in (after around 30 years of research). No need to bang the drums and try to scare people with the idea of disease. Simply get their psycho-social situation sorted, and we'd see an amazing reduction in disease.

After writing the above I thought I'd better search the net for some background on the rates of disease. Not much of a surprise to find this page which shows2 a strong correlation between increasing living standards (social factors) and decreasing rates of disease, before vaccinations began!

So then why the all the hoopla over vaccinations?

Ahh, that would be due to our system needing sick people in order to keep everyone in jobs — just imagine if everyone tomorrow got well. What would all the doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical companies do? Not to mention all the hospital administration staff, and supporting industries and services. Crikey, it'd be mayhem. People jumping off cliffs, out of windows, mad keen to get the hell out of this too-sane, too healthy paradise.

The best way to immunise ourselves against the fear and dogma in society — we need only acquaint ourselves with the facts and maintain a degree of common sense.

  • 1. Prof. Len Syme, with Norman Swan “The Health Report: Mastering the Control Factor: Part Two”, ABC’s Radio National's The Health Report (16 November, 1998) introducing research conducted by Dr Michael Marmot.
    Full transcript:
  • 2. A rigorous analysis of disease rates and the typically 90%+ reductions prior to vaccinations is documented in Dr Suzanne Humphries "Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History"

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