In the presence of passion

I was recently having coffee with a friend when she explained how much she enjoyed doing her numerology workshops. Her energy, passion and excitement was obvious.

As I sat there, her grin and body language got me thinking about belief-systems and new-age practices such as astrology, numerology and other 'ologies'.

In fact it got me thinking about all belief-systems that have passionate, zealous followers. I realised (the obvious) that they can't be all bad. There has to be some positive associated with adherence to such systems. And this is true of every belief-system, including atheism, religion, new-age ... they all fill a need for the believer.

As The Belief Doctor, it behoves me to recognise the positives in such belief-systems, even if they are flawed or based on false assumptions.

So, in my analysis of belief-systems for this website, I'll highlight the positives (and they are important), but also their failings, and where and how we can move forward.

That's not to suggest we discard those belief-systems, but to expand awareness, taking the positive aspects and benefits with us.

That way, everybody's happy. Well, mostly.


Stay tuned ... to your heart.

update circa Dec. 2011

Some years on and I've more finely tuned my analysis. In many respects, astrologers, numerologist and a plethora of other practitioners are (in a positive context) intuitive people who use said 'ologies' to give their intutions credibility and structure.

Unfortunately, their seeking of credibility (via such 'systems' as astrology) is counter-productive.

Where they each would benefit is by owning their power to "directly know" (via innate nonlocal perceptive abilities) and to speak about that awareness (nonlocal awareness). The world would be a far better place for it (for in so doing they would be owning their power to know, not assigning those abilities to some arrangement of planets or to some series of numbers or whatever).

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