Leading God: The wonderfully new!

In chatting with various people in recent times about matters philosophical, I've heard it said on a few occasions, "well you know, there's nothing new under the Sun".

That 'throw away line' telegraphs a deep misunderstanding about life, and about the immensely creative and regenerating nature of it.

Not only, I say in response to such comments, are there things that are entirely new, but when we create something genuinely new, the whole of creation in effect is looking on and amazed in wonderment: "wow, look at that, that's entirely, completely and uniquely NEW!"

When we are 'intuitively creative' — when we trust a part of ourselves that goes well beyond any previous experience or knowledge; when we tap that which is literally 'boundless'1 — we add to the whole of creation an original idea, an original experience.

In effect, we 'lead God' — we lead 'oneness', we lead our higher-selves.

And we do so to the extent that our higher-selves, our souls, God, the "oneness of all" is surprised. For where else is surprise for God going to originate if not in you, by you? Where else is the community going to find creativity, originality and wonderful surprise if not by and through one of the individuals in that community? And since God obviously encompasses All — in a sense He IS the all-inclusive community of All (can't not be, otherwise we'd be 'outside' the infinite, thus 'bigger' than God), we lead God when we are genuinely creative. Or for those of a scientific slant, we lead the Universal Wave-Function2 (for those into de Broglie-Bohm interpretation of quantum physics) when we are genuinely creative. We grow the wave, by adding entirely new possibilities. That's creativity! — we originate, we create by leading God, by leading All.

As within the part, so within the whole. Or in more everyday language for those who are religious: As we learn, God learns. As we fail, God fails, as we create, God creates3 (more explained in All God, all good).

And for those who are spiritual, as we fail so too our higher-selves, or souls. And as we learn, so too our souls, our higher-selves. As we originate, create, so too our higher-selves.

So when we create in a genuine, creative, trusting-the-intuitive sense, God and the whole of creation shares in the wonder and surprise of it all.

We expand the universe. We're not just along for the ride, we help to expand it.

And it's this "entirely new" sense that great artists, writers and entrepreneurs work to 'solidify' into form, enriching our world and our lives in the process.

As many leading physicists have explained, the entire universe is newly 'banging on' many trillions of time each second. It's not only a little bit new in each moment, it's massively, infinitely, and magically new4.  We live within a wonderfully regenerating, participatory universe. We're just at present not sufficiently developed to "see" the deeper "buzz" and cycling of life and the entire physical system.

It's all due to being at or just past a cultural 'peak disconnect' between the intuitive and the logical, between head and heard, local and nonlocal, one and All.

Put simply, it's all due to our immaturity; of having an erroneous sense of ourselves as being 'children' of God, of having fallen, and being lower, less than some higher-authority. He's "Up There", hence the practice of looking up when praying.

See in particular "Consider some stuff" for the origin of believing in a hierarchical "God", who is "up there".

  • 1. Who'd want to be forever bounded, or even potentially bounded? Who'd want to be restricted? Who'd want to be ultimately chained, or locked up inside some box? Genuine creativity needs to have a source that is boundless, otherwise it would ultimately be boring.
  • 2. The origin of "downward causation" that determines all systems
  • 3. hence the deeper meaning of "And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil" Genesis 3:22
  • 4. for those wanting a more technical analysis of the deeper cyclical, participatory processes of life, visit the Zeno's Paradoxes section at the Belief Institute


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