Left brained, left out

Just read an article how some scientists are recognising that 'geeks' are more likely to have autistic children.

Scientists are beginning to understand the plastic nature of the brain (neuroplasticity).

In time one would expect they will come to understand the deeper "physioplasticity" of genes, DNA, and matter and energy. So the realisation that mechanically-minded, train-track behavioural parents will produce similarly limited, habituated chidlren should come as no surprise.

According to a theory he has been building over the past 15 years, the parents of autistic children, and the children themselves, have an aptitude for understanding and analysing predictable, rule-based systems — think machines, mathematics or computer programs. And the genes that endow parents with minds suited to technical tasks, he hypothesizes, could lead to autism when passed on to their children, especially when combined with a dose of similar genes from a like-minded mate.1

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