Let's get clinical

While at a folk festival recently I chatted to many people, and learned about many diverse and interesting world-views.

I'm realising that people will accept and actively champion limitations and fixed beliefs because it serves them to do so. Fixed-systems beliefs gives stability and structure to people's lives (a common example being 'astrology'). And this acceptance occurs despite those beliefs stifling, limiting and denying wonderful potentials and possibilities.

The morning after the festival finished, over breakfast I got chatting to a delightful young woman (friend of a friend -- "Cass") who had been dancing throughout the weekend with very fluid, lovely dance movements. She asks "I hear you're a writer. What do you write about?" I explained that I analyse belief systems, and I work to help people move beyond limiting belief-systems, like, uhm, err, astrology. I explained that astrology, numerology, enneagram and others all do the same thing: they categorise people into various 'boxes' (groups, tribes ... ).

I explained that reality is, deep down, fluid. So says quantum theory. I contrasted the open, fluid potentials that quantum theory says lay resident and waiting to be realised, with those of astrology and other 'old-world' belief-systems which box and limit. I explained how quantum theory shows we can breath in new ideas, behaviours and potentials and breath out (let go) old stuck ideas and fixed beliefs.

Basically I explained that life is a hugely creative venture that is evolving, growing and changing.

We chatted on, and she was 'yes, yes, yes' -- responding with glee to the idea that we can develop whatever skills and potentials that we really want to. We're not limited to some categorisation, based on when we're born, or whatever. We get to choose. Just like as if we had a magic wand.


Such a contrast to the others who believed in fixed systems, and causes over which we (seemingly) have no control.

We chatted on, me going into greater depth about how time interconnects (via quantum temporal nonlocality) and how we intuitively are connecting with the future, and changing the past (if that is one's wont). Where this has practical application is to open each of us to being whoever we want to be. If we like the astrology (character) of say, Leo, we can become that (for a day, a year or for a whole life). If we like Capricorn one week, good, then change to Libra the next. The choice to do so is available to everyone.

Long story short. The buzz and fun from chatting to the young woman got me thinking of the wonderful benefits from sharing good, sound belief-system concepts.


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