Lost wonderment

There has been an at-times vigorous debate on various Internet forums1 over an age-old problem that has persisted for over 2,400 years.

It's a problem that was, in a metaphorical sense, wonderfully illustrated by the "Somebody Else's Problem" scenario in the Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers to the Galaxy series.

Basically the problem has been so enormous, so extraordinarily magnificent, and profound that the vast majority (particularly scientists, and especially mathematicians) have ignored it. And yet it if were to be seriously and wholeheartedly investigated, our entire culture would radically change ... for the better.

Before we get to to detail, let's first recognise an extraordinary fact: In the face of new evidence that will completely retool our views of life, scientists are now ignoring or refusing to match 'theory' with fact.

The stalwart of science - the scientific method - is being avoided. This is a fundamental break-down of a long, veritable tradition that has served humanity magnificently: the scientific method of using theory to predict behaviour of phenomenal with said predictions being able to be verified independently, and consistently.

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