Most superstitious era in history?

In view of my awkward question concerning the deeper nature of physical movement, in various forums I've received what appears to be unanimous negative responses. Some quite vitriolic and abusive.

It seems then that there is an argument to be made that we're living through one of, or perhaps THE most superstitious era in history.

Many scientists often lambaste the church for what they did to Galileo, and prior to him Giordano Bruno. Many argue the demonstrated 'closed-mindedness' of the church held back scientific advancement to a considerable degree.

But I suggest the failure to simply answer the question (below), telegraphs a far more disturbing level of dogma, superstition and closed-mindedness.

That question is:

How to explain movement? If I move a finger say, 1cm or 1 metre, or however far, science says (by way of using infinite-series to calculate its movement) that it goes through infinite contiguous little steps. What's the electrical/chemical/neurological activity that begins, maintains and stops that infinite-step movement?

Science is based on 'strict determinism', meaning for each physical effect there IS unquestionably (at least in theory) a physical cause. If we use infinite-series (calculus) to calculate the movement of a physical object (in this case a finger) we should be able to identify the chemical/electrical processes in the body that 'control' each of those infinite infinitesimal physical increments — INCLUDING those that occur infinitely shorter than the Planck length.

The answer — one that gives clues to a whole new world-view— is, obviously, there are no physical processes capable of initiating, continuing and then stopping an infinite-sequence of physical steps. None. Zero. Ziltch. Nada.

So then what's that 'whole new world-view' that does provide an answer? Easy. It's obviously one of a discontinuous space-time (discontinuous physical movement) riding/unfolding from a continuous (mathematical) meta-space (see figure, right)1. This model or world-view easily fits the facts. As physicist David Bohm wrote (in "Wholeness and the Implicate Order), "According to the quantum theory, movement is not fundamentally continuous".

It's what I called The Theory of One and All.

As far as the technical details of this new world-view is concerned, I'm happy to say that the heavy lifting has been done.

Now we can all get on with realising a better world-dynamic.

  • 1. "...our reality is more like a motion picture, but with the individual frames going by extremely fast—at the undetectable interval of the Plank time,5 and that, by some estimates, "our universe is flickering on and off every 5.3 x 10-44 seconds".6 (i.e. it is continually regenerating (pulsing, unfolding/enfolding) at a rate of around 19 billion trillion trillion (1033) gigahertz - (the inverse of the Planck time)).

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