Points to remember

As mentioned in "Let's get clinical" and "for the 100th time", I've noticed a penchant for many people to believe in limiting systems.

Unfortunately, I forget on occasions the same very principles that I espouse.

A recent example was that of a lovely woman who professed to be an astrololger. Instead of my inviting her to consider some examples of  dynamic and fluid potentials available to her, I joked about her beliefs in a condescending manner. Not good.

All this due to me forgetting to remain focused on "Joy, Peace, Ease, Love and Laughter".  In that state, it is necessary to remember to be creative and expansive, not competitive and controlling.

So it seems it behoves me to list some key elements of being in a state of joy, peace, ease, love and laughter.

  • Begin with and return to again, and again "what do you want?"
  • Redirect answers from "what I don't want is ..." to ... "what do you want, for yourself."
  • "If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?"
  • Imagination is far more important and powerful than knowledge.  Imagination previews the future, knowledge locks us into what we remember.
  • Focus: Creative fluid possibilities, not controlling people, or particulars.
  • Breathe in (imagine possibilities, new ideas, events, people, things). Breathe out ("let go" old ideas, stuck views, people who constrain or limit you, things that weigh you down)
  • Keep breathing. Do not blame or complain (that is a tell-tale sign of being stuck, of seeking to control)
  • Laugh
  • Stay with Ease (versus dis-ease). Check "Am I at-ease doing this?" Even if challenging or difficult, are you at-ease with the challenge? Example: challenges such as climbing a mountain can be hugely difficult and physically demanding, but they're things we want to do ... so we're at-ease with the challenge.
  • Imagine ("pre-live") desired possibilities and potentials (to enable surprise and fluid potentials don't get stuck on particulars)
  • Let go (breathe out).
  • Imagine desired possibilities and potentials (best to stay focused on quality, let the 'universe' fill in the details -- the quantities)
  • Take action, meet people, talk, share.
  • Redirect conversation away from what we don't want .. to what we do want (qualities, not details, remember).
  • Remember breathe in (new ideas, events, circumstances, ways of relating, things). Breathe out ("let go" limiting ideas, stuck views, beliefs, things and relationships that limit or seek to control you).
  • Laugh
  • Imagine
  • Let-go
  • Cycle through the above, as we do in life. Cycle possibilities with actuality; melding conscious with intuitive; dreams with reality.

I'll update Fig. 4 to more fully show the cyclic nature of life1. Of breathing in, and breating out. Of conscious and intuitive, of local and nonlocal, of possibilities and actualities.

The theory of one and all

  • 1. At the root level of reality it's been estimated that this cycling or 'breathing' is occurring around 18 x 1042 times each second. As within the small, so within the large. Life involves cycles of day/night, life/death, thoughts and intuitions, yin and yang