Project Manage Your ...

Recently I sat in a meeting of people who discussed all sorts of spiritual matters and ideas, including the law of attraction etc.

When discussing the law of attraction, I asked a simple question that caused a fair bit of upset. And it's an obvious question that is often ignored, or avoided when people talk about 'attracting abundance' into their lives.

The question is this: what value are you adding to your community, in order to reasonably expect abundance will be given you?

It's avoided because the subtext of the law of attraction is "Give me stuff. Give me. me me me", without any action, creativity or value being added to the community, world or universe, from which we expect all sorts of things.

Whenever we expect some manufactured product, such as a new car to magically 'materialise' in our garage, who manufactured that car, and why would we expect those people (including the whole production line staff, the car dealership people and other support industry personnel) to work for free for you?

"It'll just happen".

Really? People, including all those involved in the manufacture of the car, its delivery and servicing will all just work for free for you, because ...?

"I deserve"


That meeting got me thinking about the enormous denials and disconnects that permeate the thinking of 'spiritual' people.

And then it dawned on me ... they would enormously benefit from 'project managing their lives".

Project management is about vision, taking responsibility, details, creative solutions, results that are time-bound ... all highly beneficial aspects to 'creating your reality'.

Want to lose weight? No worries, let's start with the vision of having done so. What is your S.M.A.R.T criteria? (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). In other words, by what specific date will you have measurably achieved your specified weight loss? What resources do you need to ensure that result, on time? Are you willing to take responsibility and not blame ... diet, doctors and dna?

Want to be enlightened? Okay, by when? What's your vision?

I've encountered many people who seem entirely disconnected from any practical process of achieving their spiritual ideals, and that's entirely understandable. As I explain in Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment those disconnects are inevitable because many spiritual ideals, like perfection, can never be attained. And even if we could, a modicum of common-sense would reveal we'd never want to achieve the ideal of perfection anyway. Think about it: learning, failing, fun, risk, reward, surprise, rambunctious adventure ... all disallowed in God's perfect kingdom of utter safety and complete predictability1

  • 1. Complete, utter, perfect predictability is a highly debilitating, mind-numbing dullness that accompanies being 'omniscient' which means "all-knowing", which in turn means no surprises ... no adventure, risk, fun, play, learning or growth ... hell :)

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