Small right, not quite there

A recent article in the SMH was headlined "Scientists find secret of why women live longer"

in which it is claimed

''This difference is not caused by hormonal differences between the sexes, such as testosterone in males, or to risk-taking behaviour. It's genetic.''

That only partly "explains" the difference -- as is now well established, psycho-social factors are by far the most important determinant in how well and long we live.

Males are generally socialised to be less psychologically "together" -- they suicide over 4 times the rate of women, are far more likely to be substance abuses (alcohols, drugs etc.) and to be locked up (for whatever reasons).

And the real spanner in the works, when seeking to blame genetics, is that Harvard Medical School and others have found we can switch on disease-fighting genes (via focused relaxation techniques).  Whoops.