There is, in my opinion, a troubling trend in our modern societies, when people respond with "I find that offensive".

In basic terms to take offense is to blame others for how one feels. That is, when we take offense for the emotional responses we have chosen (in response to a stimulus, e.g. insult) we place the responsibility for our choice of emotional state with someone else. As Viktor Frankl so succinctly explained "the last of human freedoms (is) the ability to choose one's attitude in a given set of circumstances".

Blaming others for how we feel is rooted in a deep sense of powerless — a 'feckless victimhood', which is caused by old-world belief-systems that are rooted in nonsensical disconnects and irrational hierarchies.

The danger is that in being so subservient and fearful that we might offend others, we accede to their demands that we behave as they dictate, lest we offend them.

So we wear silly clothes to cover up that which causes affront and offense to others. We hide away our opinions because we're afraid of being outspoken and declaring what sort of world we want to co-create, experience and enjoy. We then live in fear of those who sneak around seeking to blame or harm those who have 'offended' them.

But the greatest danger is that in buying into said 'feckless victimhood' we disown our own power to create health and wellbeing in our lives. We run (not walk) from course to course, becoming spiritual-addicts, or addicted to various pills and potions, seeking second-hand answers for troubles that only we can ourselves best know how to solve.