Dialoguing with various participants on a forum, I was mindful to explore some of the benefits of understanding the deeper principles (not necessarily the mathematics) of quantum physics.

As Einstein demonstrated perhaps unwittingly, being too focused on the mathematics can take one away from one's intuitive feel for the deeper rhythms and connections in life.

And those deeper rhythms and connections are now well-verified, and are of immense benefit.

Some of the benefits include finding wellness in the face of serious illness, when medical science says there's no medically-known cure.

Others include simply being 'safe' in the face of difficulty or danger.

Or starting a business, in an industry without any prior knowledge and leading that industry through originality and creative approaches to design, installation and service.

Or simply deciding to go and write a book on a particular field of interest (e.g. quantum physics), without any relevant qualifications in that particular field, and having leading 'heavy hitters' confirm the validity and originality of your work.

In short, the benefits boil down to one being able to see outside and beyond the dogmas and superstitions of contemporary (and past) times; of not being cowered by science's mantra of a continuous space-time, and being able to meld good science (quantum) with indigenous beliefs. And being able to accommodate and utilise intuition (or as I prefer "nonlocal awareness") for real, practical, profitable (and in some cases, life-saving) results -- intuition is one of the 9 factors that Dr Kelly Turner found to be pivotal in surviving terminal illnesses.

'Knowing' there exists a pathway to one's desired future offers unparalleled benefits.

Quite simply, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.