The power of engagement

Just had a marvelous chat with a good friend.

Again and again I'm reminded of the power of engaging in conversation with people.

There's something that happens which seems to amplify my creative thinking and insight.

In the past I've focused on being a writer, but the chat with my friend unearthed a heap of new perspectives (both by him and myself, much of it new to both).

In brief we chatted about "letting go" and how immensely important it is to finding any semblence of peace, joy and ease. But where relationships are concerned, that letting go can be very emotional. Recently I let go a lady friend who wasn't in the same space as me. Trouble is I was quite attached to her. So I grieved the loss of the relationship.

That prompted me and my friend to realise that "letting go" is only half the dynamic. Making space to allow in new people and circumstances is also vitally important, as is becoming attached to that new person or reality.

I concluded that as we get better at "letting go" (or breathing out, old ideas, things, circumstances, relationships) new more enriching 'attachments" (experiences, loves, relationships) will come our way, only to be followed by ever deeper, more evolved detachments.

Life is a cycle, and we need both parts of the cycle -- detachment and 'attachment' (e.g. to passion, goals, life). Or as the Buddhists say to be empty and full.

What amazes me most of all is that the above text is nowhere near as eloquent and flowing as the conversation. The eloquence of the chat was far better than this little post.

Hence my intuition I need to start running those "Belief Clinics".

Stay tuned, to your heart.

The Belief Doctor