speeding with safetyI was chatting to a photographer today who's quite 'spiritually aware'. He's up to speed, so to speak, with the intuitive, artistic dimensions to life. In fact he spoke in terms of waves, and how we can build them (but not strictly from a quantum mechanical perspective -- but I digress).

As we chatted he suggested that I need to make my work more digestible, not so technical for the masses.

So I explained some of the practical benefits to understanding qp (quantum physics). Basically, that we're able to travel and live with safety due to everyone's ability to intuitively engage "nonlocal awareness" --  at-once interconnections that reach across space and time. I went on to explain that nonlocal awareness requires quite a deal of focus, intent, experience and understanding.1

The sharing of my experiences reminded me of someone with whom I used to have interesting intellectual chats, but who did not appreciate the benefits of what I have called 'nonlocal awareness'.

The story goes (since it is my memory, and the person involved might have a different take on things): I'm driving my intellectual friend back to his house and along one particular tree-lined street he started getting anxious. He asked that I be careful, as the trees along this particular street were notorious for dropping branches which could harm or kill someone if they were struck.

The conversation went something like this:

Him: "Hey, watch out, this street is bad for trees dropping branches."

Me: "Hmm," pausing, but continuing to drive, "nah, I don't feel anything. All's good".

Him (getting now noticeably irate): "No I'm TELLING you this street is DANGEROUS. Go wide, BE CAREFUL."

Me: "I just told you, all's good. Everything's interconnected, and I'm not getting the heebie-jeebies driving down here."

Him: "You're being stupid and irresponsible..." (or words to that effect).

Me: "Man, what's the matter with you. Chill out, tune in and relax. Everything's interconnected. You can't not be getting the signals. It's impossible NOT to get them. You're just not paying attention."

"Nothing is unannounced. If you are paying attention, stuff comes down the pike. First a little wave, then a medium wave, then the tsunami."

Terence McKenna

We drove down the street without mishap. He visibly seethed, and probably to this day thinks I'm irresponsible, careless or foolhardy or some such.

His fear. Not mine.

His fear is (or was) rooted in an old-paradigm world-view, one that is still prevalent in our society today - and one that causes immense upset and fear. It really is a travesty of science and religion to continue pushing theories based on fundamental disconnects that cause people to live in fear.

There are many more examples of how to use qp for practical benefit, including such examples (that will be more fully covered in a new book) as winning at gambling (I don't make a habit of this -- bad karma, as it requires others to lose); finding missing important items that defied (at the time, increasingly frantic) searching by friends; finding wellness in the face of severe 'incurable' illness.

The list goes on.

When one understands that all is interconnected, instantly, and that those interconnections connect across time as well (this messes with your head a little, at first), extraordinary 'out of the box' solutions (and wonderful creativity) emerge.

"Your precognitive awareness of your probable futures helps you to make choices that will lead to that reality."
[Jane Roberts, Unknown Reality: A Seth Book, Vol. 1]

Update 2014

Rereading the above it might be assumed I'm living a life of perfect ease and wellness. "If he's so smart, he must be rich, happy and healthy", or similar. What is not mentioned above is the dynamic aspects to engaging intuition and acting on it. It takes focus, and a substantial element of desire, and trust. Could I do extraordinary things ... sure, but do I want to? Since we live within a self-organising sentient reality (holodynamic system), what I do, and what others do interact, and if (as I've experienced) doing extraordinary things causes upset and consternation amongst those who observe such things, who am I to 'scare the horses'? As Schopenhauer wisely observed "All truth (new understanding and world-views) passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

An example might help explain the extraordinary fear that is central to many people's lives -- consider a recent article on Salon.com concerning vaccination (Anti-vaxx insanity: New study highlights the dangers of science denialism). What is telling is the deep emotions aired in the article and in the comments. Yet if we understood the psycho-social aspects to disease and mortality, we'd know enough to not be so afraid. Yet, in the crucible of daily life, awareness of intuition and the power within to remain safe and well sails blindly by. And those who suggest no need of fear typically receive vitriol and abuse...

Another is the various religious conflicts in the world today. A holodynamic systems view (one in which the inner "God-power" is understood to be available to one and all), would evaporate the violence and fear central to those conflicts.

All so unnecessary (the fear, violence and hostility), yet so prevalent in our world today. Atheists argue against those who are religious. Yet both subscribe to the modern superstitions of science and religion.

Update January, 2016

Previously I had argued that the reason for the anger, confict and vitriol in the world, and especialy in online forums (wherein anonymous vitrioloic-barb shooters can hide behind glassy knolls), is because of short term expediency: greed.

Recently I came to a realization after engaging one particular forum which was discussing (well, more like condemning) Deepak Chopra and how he's a charlatan, a fraud and so forth.

What I had realized, but did while seeking words to explain the deeper rhythms of life, is there is another, more fundamental reason.

  • 1. There's some specific techniques that are helpful (utilising simultaneous-time concepts) that are quite necessary to feed the intuitions. Those techniques and knowledge along with many more practical uses and experiences of nonlocal awareness will be included in my next book