Stephen is the author of books detailing how quantum principles underlie the events of everyday life, both in the minutia of our personal experiences, and in the experiences and behaviours of tribes, communities, nations.

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Table of Contents (draft)

WHY read this book?    ix
Why you might not want to read this book    ix
How this book is structured    x
Figure 1: The fundamentals of life    xi
Easy then, not so much now    1
Section 1: Some helpful tools    3
The KISS-Ockham Tool    3
The Belief-Habit Cycle    7
Figure 2: The Belief-Habit Cycle    8
Figure 3: Cue: insult. Response: anger    9
Figure 4: Same cue, different response    10
The Belief-Habit Cycle, in more detail    11
Choosing not to choose is still a choice    11
Figure 5: Choices, choosing, chosen    12
Back to belief-systems...    13
Why we choose what we choose    15
Figure 6: Choice of responses    16
Figure 7: For self, for group    17
The right-hemisphere’s ‘Wego’, the left-hemisphere’s ‘Igo’    18
Why split Ego into ‘Wego’ and ‘Igo’?    21
Figure 8: Wego vs Igo    23
Section 2: Our universe in conversation    24
The SOS Model    24
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  • Simple Tools: for Clarity, Understading and Betterment.Simple Tools: for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment

    Table of Contents

    • Figure 1: Some clarity would be nice
    • 1. The Stretch Tool
    • 2. The Choice Tool
    • 3. The Big Now Tool
    • 4. The Make-Like-Einstein Tool
    • 5. The Cycle Tool
    • 6. 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..
    • (7) Additional

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Online education

Radical Remissions From Cancer: 9 Key Factors

Dr Kelly Turner has extensively researched the factors involved in radical remissions of cancer (typically called "spontaneous remissions" or "spontaneous regressions" in the medical literature) and found there are 9 factors that are common to all such cases. They are

• Radically changing your diet
• Taking control of your health
• Following your intuition
• Using herbs and supplements
• Releasing suppressed emotions
• Increasing positive emotions
• Embracing social support
• Deepening your spiritual connection
• Having strong reasons for living

As Dr Turner explains "It is important to note that these are not listed in any kind of ranking order. There is no clear “winner” among these factors. Rather, all nine were mentioned just as frequently in my interviews.”

Dr Kelly Turner, "Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds" (www.radicalremission.com)