As has been more clearly and forcefully articulated by (Emeritus) Prof. Robert Jahn of Princeton, understanding the deeper complimentary and interdependent nature of 'masculine' and 'feminine' is immensely important to the future survival of our species.

As I've covered in greater detail on the Belief Institute website and in my writings, the deeper inseparable-duality of both the 'masculine-particle' and 'feminine-wave' nature is the fount of creativity and life. It is immensely important in ways we to date have not understood and appreciated. Current deleterious social and world circumstances can be traced back to an ignorance of these basic principles of life.

By coincidence I've only recently (namely, this morning) come across a 1991 paper by Prof. Robert Jahn of Princeton's famous1 PEAR laboratory.

Jahn's paper is quite extraordinary, at least for me, for it covers many of the basic concepts that I wrote about in my book Be and Become.2

One of the central points of Jahn's paper is that not understanding the complimentary nature of 'masculine' and 'feminine' fuels "immensely destructive" behaviours and results, both personally and socially. From Jahn's paper:

When posed in polar opposition, whether within a single personality, or in the context of the ubiquitous interactions between the male and the female sexes, the failures of this interface are legion, legendary, and immensely destructive, both personally and socially. Yet, when deployed in constructive complementarity, the masculine/feminine integration within the individual can enable the highest creativity and personal satisfaction, and in the male/female partnership can generate some of the highest accomplishments, profoundest insights, and most beautiful resonances of human existence. In this form, it is probably the species' most powerful resource for spiritual as well as physical survival and evolution.

Why I concur with Jahn is that the deeper nature of what 'feminine' and 'masculine' actually mean is not widely understood or appreciated.

As to the masculine, one might think we've overdone it (in view of the violence and wars that have beset many of us in recent times). But violence is not an example of being masculine. It is the antithesis of what masculinity means – which is to hold a firm sense of self, to affirm one's own space, character and beliefs in a manner exemplified by Zen Masters, who do so without needing to feel threatened, defensive or having to yell, shout or fight.

The feminine is rooted in an intuitive nonlocal awareness that connects and nurtures.

As argued, how can the 'ground' from which all springs not be nonlocally interconnected, at-once?

Implicit in, for example, Darwinian theories of evolution by chance, is the reliance on fundamental, incoherent disconnects that make no sense. Within a nonlocal interconnectedness, all biological systems evolve with intent, through utilization of nonlocal connections (both temporal and spatial). To argue otherwise requires, as mentioned, incoherent, fundamental disconnects comprising ... denial, fear.

It's this nonsensical basis of modern scientific theories that imperils all of us.


  • 1. or infamous, according to skeptics and assorted naysayers. See my article on sceptics and their brethren
  • 2. I used to think that I had intuited new, highly original insights into the deep frameworks of life, but Jahn has demonstrated he largely got there first! I suppose my claim to originality is the comprehensiveness of my work, going well beyond that of Jahn's paper. Still, I freely give recognition when it is appropriate and deserved.