Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything

A fairly routine article from Harvard Business Review, but worth repeating on the subject of achieving excellence. Point 4 which underscores the importance of "not too frequent" expert advice is wise counsel, given research which shows (link tba) CEOs can be more effective when they are not coached by business coaches.

Point 5 of course is also well supported by research, and recognition that intuitive information is received "in the gaps".

And of course point 6, for the need to develop good habits.


10 Arrogance Traps For Entrepreneurs (Forbes)

An excellent article by Peter Zwilling (Forbes): a no-holds-barred list of how entrepreneurs delude themselves, by avoiding the realities of life.

1. "Business plans are for dummies. Think business plans are just for investors? Wrong. Those plans are primarily for you."

2. "This is so cool! Just because you think your new mousetrap is extraordinary doesn't mean the whole world will agree." (picture: Segway)

3. "If we build it, they will come. The hot term these days is 'viral marketing'. Reality: Viral marketing only takes off after you prime the pump with real marketing."


What Jesus said about capitalism (Gittins - SMH)

"The name sabbath (the seventh day) is a reference to the biblical injunction - mainly honoured in the breach - that the Jews practice ''jubilee''. Every 50th year (the year following the passing of seven times seven years), slaves were to be freed, people were to be released from their debts and land returned to its original owners.

So sabbath economics involves an ''ethic of regular and systematic wealth and power redistribution''. You can see why this is an uncomfortable topic (for me as much as anyone else).


Creatively out there

I put some creativity into explaining a few things on a forum (not my usual bent), and recognised some useful ideas that I thought should also be shared, and reproduced here (with some additions and amendments):

In my experience when giving business presentations or business courses on the practical uses of quantum mechanics, I've nearly always found a distinct and highly noticeable divide in the audience.


The Belief Doctor’s approach

As explained on the About page, my focus as The Belief Doctor is to work with people and provide examples and information that reveals the power and productive benefits gained from combining "masculine" and "feminine" energies in one coherent approach to life, in all areas of life. This combination — of effectively combining both 'head' with 'heart' to enable intimate, powerful and rewarding personal, business and social relationships — is recognised by leading thinkers as being crucial to ease, wellbeing, intimacy, creativity, productivity, innovation, health, wealth, fulfillment and happiness.


Want different answers?

Do you genuinely seek answers to the deeper questions and problems of life?

The Belief Doctor Then you'll find some different and arguably deeper, and more congruent perspectives at this site. Hopefully they'll be of value to you. The ideas provided are based on timeless truths, and are (at least in my experience) able to be applied in all areas of life. Enjoy. Stephen Pirie The Belief Doctor


Control of 'psycho-destiny'

Recently I had a fairly involved, long chat with a friend about the deeper frameworks and dynamics of life. What came to light was how much we both knew but weren't applying to our own lives.

In particular was the realisation that we were both on the path of learning, and needing to learn how to 'let go' the pressures of society to be responsible, and to simply be ourselves, independent of the opinions of, and commitments to others.


'Business nanny' focus

In recent months in particular, but also in recent years, I've been drawn to helping small business friends and, in general, the small business community.1

It's an activity that I naturally find myself 'falling into' ... whether it be advice on project management, organising better business systems, or simply picking up the phone and making some sales calls on their behalf.

In a sense I've been a business nanny, and it's a role that I find immensely satisfying.

* Note. I like working with small-business people, but many have insufficient funds, or a well-founded aversion to hiring consultants. The business-nanny role can involve working as a project manager, sales consultant, or in any capacity that is of direct benefit to the business. By being hands-on and working in and for the business, a return on investment is assured for clients, while providing the opportunity to assess business operations. Where cash-flow is an issue, a nominal fee can be arranged, plus a negotiated fee for relevant training, seminars, ideas and solutions.


The Power and Importance of Blindspots

Blindspots in our awareness can have devastating effects upon our lives. Blindspots can be bad for business, health and personal wellbeing.forest-and-trees

  • Business and Finance - The recent Global Financial Crisis was a blindspot that caused havoc for millions. In business, blindspots are commonly known as inefficiencies, poor employee morale, or unproductive investments that can end in bankruptcy.
  • Wellbeing and relationships - Research reveals that the majority of relationship breakups are initiated by women, and that men usually don't see them coming. Many men report being caught off-guard and left feeling bereft and suicidal. "In a study of 4000 suicides ... 70 per cent were caused by relationship breakups. Men were more likely to commit suicide than women by a factor of nine to one."1
  • Health - Cancers, and other illnesses are example of blindspots in our awareness that can lead to physical impairment and death.
  • Accident and injury-  With the latest research from the field of quantum physics, we can appreciate and learn to use the deeper interconnections of events, both good and bad. That is, we can learn to check for the ubiquitous (albeit subtle) nonlocal2 signals that can help us avoid danger, accident and injury.

By their very nature, blindspots are difficult to spot - hence the name. But as the world recently witnessed, their effects are highly visible and almost impossible to ignore. Blindspots can remain blind to us on approach, but prove devistating on arrival.