I was dialoguing with members of a "systems thinking" group who it seems are all left-brained, mechanical-universe thinkers who believe that there's no metaphysical dimension to life. It's all just physical stuff.

So I wondered, how do you offer a bit of a 'chink' in their thinking, beyond the Proofs of the Impossibility of Physical Movement1 as I've previously explained to them?

So I wrote the following. Maybe it'll help some, maybe not.


If it helps, consider this. The earth appears fairly flat from a ground level perspective. The curvature of the ocean's horizon is small.

But the implications of that "small" curvature are "huge" (for someone who's used to thinking the earth is flat, and in fear that if they go too far they'll fall off it).

Same for quantum theory .. the behaviour of quanta is small potatoes relative to normal everyday life, except that the implications are out-of-this-world huge.

As with the earth's curvature, investigating the "small" leads to enormously large, useful and valuable understanding.

Physicist Prof. Richard Conn Henry doesn't say that the universe is a bit mental, or a lot mental. It's entirely mental.

And this has been explained by all the major religions and spiritual traditions since whenever.

All phenomena are projections in the mind.
—The Third Karmapa

Whatever matter is, it is not made of matter.
—Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr

Matter is derived from mind, not mind from matter.
—The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation

Physics is the study of the structure of consciousness. The "stuff" of the world is mindstuff.
—Sir Arthur Eddington

The list goes on ... and on.

"The earth is not flat" — space-time is not continuous. The cause for our world and our lives is meta-physical (See Fig.4).

It's not hard to come to this conclusion. We need only ask a very very simple question to reveal the absurdity of modern scientific beliefs. We need only ask "how do I lift a finger even just a little bit?"

Science says that, by virtue of using geometric series (calculus) to explain the movement of physical objects, including one's finger, that any such movement must go through infinite "little" incremental movements.


What then is the bodily processes (chemical, electrical) that can initiate, continue and stop an infinite-stepped sequence of little physical increments?

Answer: there are no bodily processes, now or ever, that can or will do that. NONE.

The jig is up.

Any good systems thinker worth their salt will incorporate seemingly disparate belief-systems into one congruent framework that includes the evidence of quantum physics.

Anything less and you're not doing your job as a "systems thinker".


On reflection, it's instructive that all the respondents are guys - no women. That doesn't surprise me. When I've given presentations to business groups on the deeper quantum physical, intuitive, precognitive processes of life, the women in the audience usually give me a look, almost an audible sigh: "boring, tell us something we don't already know"...  The men in the audience look at me like I've two heads or something. Such a huge disconnect amongst the guys. So deeply left-brained they don't see it coming (e. g. around two thirds of relationship breakups are initiated by women and the guys not only don't see it coming, but are frequently left dumb-struck and suicidal2). Likewise they don't see the causes for disease; or the causes for unpleasant coincidences). And then they get cranky when it all goes pear-shaped.

A bit sad to watch and so unnecessary.

It's also largely a lost opportunity to mend a lot of dis-empowering belief systems. For example, we could greatly diminish the importance and relevance of many systems of categorising people, simply because none of them (e.g. personality tests, enneagram, astrology et al) are systems orientated.

In view of people's flexibility to change and develop potentials for the benefit of themselves and communities, it's a glaring omission in our culture.

Good systems thinking would reframe our addiction to categorising people, instead seeking how to invite and tease out their adaptive, creative potentials3 within us to meet individual, community and global needs.

Need more leaders for a particular project? ... easy, people will adapt and change to fit the 'holes' in society.

Assuming they're not too stuck in a 400 year old belief-system that is suffocating our cultures, and our world.

  • 1. it's instructive that no one has attempted in the lease to rebut any of the Proofs. Obviously because they can't. But still you'd think they'd try, if they're serious about their beliefs
  • 2. Research shows that men are around 9 times more likely to commit suicide after a relationship break-up, than women. The overall suicide rate for men in Western societies is around 4 times that of women.
  • 3. We already know that the brain is 'plastic' and can regenerate and re-adapt after stroke. Next step will be to realise the whole physicality is 'plastic'.